Called to be His Intercessory Prayer Warrior in these end times of Spiritual Warfare. I was lead to begin this blog and dedicated to Prayer and His Word, both Rhema and logos. The written and spoken Word that He wants me to write about. I am called to pray without ceasing 24/7 on call to pray, when He says pray, but, to always be in the attitude of prayer.

Worrier or Warrior?

Well, dear ones which is it going to be? We can’t have it both ways, even though we try to have it both ways! We will either be a worrier or a warrior! What do I mean you may ask. I mean we will either worry about things, when we face a battle or we will be the prayer warrior He’s called us and equipped us to be!

When trouble comes it rarely gives us a warning, but rather happens suddenly! Suddenly we are faced with many things, that seem hopeless! We think we can handle the small things and maybe some things we can do, but we still need His help, as He is our source of all things. We are human, but yet we must remember we, as believers we are a Spirit, have a soul *(made up our mind, will and emotions) and live in a body.

We should look at things through our Spiritual eyes and listen with our Spiritual ears and not let our natural man make us react first. We are human and we do forget that, but He has a way, of reminding us, when we find out we can’t do it without Him. When trouble comes we need to go to Him first. Like the saying says, that I see going around on social media, but is so very true. “Don’t go to the phone, go to the throne”!!

We may have to call, for help like calling 911 or the DR or others for help we must have, but even, as we call them we can silently be calling upon Him first. Then he will help you, as you do, what you can do and then, what man can’t do He will do. His Word tells us many times to “Call upon me”. He said to pray and not doubt, but to trust Him to work it out.

A Warrior will pray, according to His Word, by faith in Jesus Name and stand on His promises until the answer comes. Then, a worrier may say a prayer, but then try to figure it out and find a way to take care of the situation by their self. Then we ask, where were you Lord? Why didn’t you answer my prayer? He would answer us, I was there all the time, but you didn’t ask, for my help until now.

He does not answer the prayer of a worrier, but will always honor and answer the prayer of a warrior, who prays and does what they can do and then trust Him to work it out. He told me once: “I can’t and won’t work it out, when you keep trying to figure it out”!!!

We pray, but then we try to figure out  how He’s going to work it out. We try to think of ways to do it and at the same time expect Him to do it. We must ask and then let Him work and not worry or wonder how he’ll do it. When we let wonder how and let worry enter in we will never receive the answer!

A believer that prays, but still doubts and worries is like the one God talks about in His Word. He calls that man or woman that doubts and wavers  a “double minded man”. He says, that a man that doubts and wavers is unstable will not receive anything, from Him.

Another saying, you’ve heard people say (not a scripture by the way) that he or she is a “worry wart”. That is a worldly saying but, sadly many people, even believers are just that “Worry Warts” Not sure, what warts have to do with it, however, these folks worry all the time about everything.

They worry, about worrying! They worry even about things that have not happened are unlikely to happen. Some people are always talking negative and those negative words will  lead to negative actions and affect their destiny! People, as they say, see the glass either half full or half empty!

I want to add another way, of seeing that glass believers! We must see it not even, as half full, but we must see it full and overflowing, amen? Amen

Our God says, He supplies our needs and gives us more than enough!  Abundant life is ours and He promises to give us more than we could even ask or think (imagine)!!! It’s us that limit God and our thoughts and our words we consistently think and say determine, what we will have and experience in our lives!

We do have and become, what we consistently think and say and can have what we ask for, as long as it agrees with His Word. Here are a few simple things to remember, when we pray!

First, we must come to Him with thanksgiving first, for all He’s done for us! Prayer should begin and end with praise!

Second we must always base our prayers on His Word! When it’s in His Word we can be assured He will keep His Word.

Third we must pray believing in our heart without any doubt! Know that we know, that we know God said it and its His will.

Fourth we must not waver or doubt making our ways unstable, as He says, then we will receive nothing, from Him.

Lastly we must end our prayer, with thanks before we see the answer and continue to stand on His promise, for that situation. (look up the verses to base your prayers on and stand on those promises)

One other thing you can do that is scriptural is to find someone you trust that is of like precious faith and have them stand with you in prayer believing. Just  be sure that person is going to stand in faith with you according to His Word (Matthew 18:19).

I pray, that what I wrote was an encouragement and a blessing to others that read it. Let me know, if I can pray in agreement with you, by leaving me a comment or contacting me online. I must post my facebook page link and the one on twitter. Have a blessed day and evening and remember always, Jesus loves you and so do I. dear ones. Praying, always here for you.

Prayer: Lord, help us not to be a worrier, but to go to you in prayer and be a prayer warrior! Help us to pray according to your Word with faith in our hearts and not to doubt or waver. Help us to give you thanks and praise and having done all to stand on your promises until the answer comes. In Jesus Name we believe together, for answers to prayer and we give you all the Glory, Honor and Praise amen and amen!!!

Scripture Readings:

Mark 11:22-24

Matthew 18:19

Psalm 121

James 1:6-8

Ephesians 3:20-21

Phillipians 4:13, 19

Psalm 23


Prayer-The Glue That Holds Us Together

Greetings Everyone,

Today, I was reading and meditating on how necessary prayer is in our families! The saying goes, “The family, that prays together stays together”! It may be just a saying and not a verse of Scripture, but it certainly is true, dear ones!

Sadly, too many family members go their own separate ways and never or rarely even eat together and praying together is left out altogether! Then, we wonder, why our children and youth look to the world, for togetherness!

How long has it been mom’s and dad’s, since you prayed together? We need to pray together, as prayer is the glue that holds us together! The world has far to many ways to entice our families away, from God and us, that only God can keep us together!

 Are you praying daily, as a family? There are many things to stop it, such as work and other social commitments, but, if we’re to busy to take time, for God and each other, then we are just too busy and not going to stay together in the end!!!

There is not one verse, I can find in His Word, that says it in exact words that we should pray together, as a family, but there are many verses, that say we should pray together! One, that I will use here says, that praying together brings Him into our conversation!

Matthew 18:20 – For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Just think, dear ones how powerful our prayers would be, if even more of us prayed together, as a family or the family of God (believers praying together)!!! He would be in the midst, of us, when we prayed! There is no one more powerful to have, as one of our prayer partners!! Can you just picture Him in the midst of us, when we pray together?

It is so very important to know, that He is present! Nothing is impossible with Him! He is listening to those prayers, as we pray in faith believing in the Name of Jesus and He intercedes, for us to the Father in Heaven!!! We need to pray together, as a family and the family of God! Our praying together, brings God on the scene (in our midst) and our prayer is the glue that, holds us as a family together!

The enemy is out to destroy families more than ever and we can see that, as we look around us. We don’t have to look far, dear ones, as our own families are proof, of whether we’ve been praying together or not! Do you need to see your family restored?

Are your family members straying away, from the Lord or perhaps have never yet accepted Him, as their Savior and Lord? Then, beloved it’s time we begin to make time in this busy world to pray together! Prayer, is the answer and the only solution along with love, that with God’s help will not only save our families, but keep them together!

I know, I have some family members, that are not under my roof now, but have families of their own and I see them going further away, from the things of the Lord. My heart’s desire is to see them begin to take time, for each other and most, of all put Him first in their individual lives and as the head of the table!

Let’s pray together dear ones with each other, as the family of God and with our own families! Let’s not let the enemy steal our family, but let prayer be the glue keeping us together! May we not let anything else take top priority in our homes.

He will help us find time to pray together, dear ones. It does  not have to be a long prayer time, but just that we pray together. Prayer together, bring Him into the midst of your prayer time and we can and will then, begin to see God heal and restore the most broken of families!!

He wants to be a member of your family, but not just a member, but the head of your household! Let’s end our time together here today, by deciding to make praying together a part of our families life everyday! It will bring Jesus in our midst!

Prayer for today:

Lord, help us to stop letting everything and everyone keep us, from being a family that puts you at the head of the table and first place in our hearts and lives not just individually, but as a family in Jesus Name, amen and amen!!!


2 Chronicles 7:14 – If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

James 5:16 – Confess [your] faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Colossians 4:2 – Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;

Prayer The Answer to Anxiety!

Hello again dear ones! I took time off, from writing over the weekend and I’m glad to be back again! I spent the weekend resting at times, but during that time I’ve been spending time with the Lord and praying with and/for others that ask, for prayer. I thank God, for the privilege of prayer! I want to always be found praying until He comes again!!!

Don’t forget, that you can always leave a prayer request on here in a comment or via social media (facebook or twitter) if, you’d like me to pray with or for you or ask prayer, for others you know needing prayer. I will give you the two website addresses, for those sites in a comment. I will, also, provide you with an email address, if you are not able to contact me via social media.

Let’s get back to talking about Prayer! Today we will look at prayer, being the answer to anxiety (or worry). Anxiety or worry is really fear. When He said Fear Not it was a command not a request. When He said be not anxious (or don’t worry) it was not a suggestion or request either, but it’s rather a command! When we let worry or fear take over our minds and get in our hearts we will receive nothing, from Him. Let’s look at two very important verses on prayer, that answers anxiety and worry!

Phillipians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Jesus tells us DO NOT be anxious about ANYTHING, but in every situation we face we are to bring our petition (tell him what it is we need) just tell Him about the situation, but do so with thanksgiving! In other words dear ones we must first start out this prayer like any prayer we pray with Thanksgiving! All prayer, should begin and end in Thanksgiving!

Give Him thanks and praise, for everything He has done, for us. Give Him praise! Thank Him, for Calvary, thank Him, for other answered prayer. Just thank and praise Him, before bringing your petitions (request) to Him. Then, after we’ve ask Him in prayer believing and have based our prayers on His Word we just go away praising Him, because we know He’s heard us and that His Word is true.

He knows, before we ever ask, what we need, but He wants us to ask Him. Once we give Him thanks and bring before Him our prayer of petition (request) then He will give us His Peace! His peace is not of this world, as this world and nothing or no one in it can give us true peace! His peace is above (transcends) all understanding.

He gives us, as the saying goes, “Peace that the world can’t give and the world can’t take away”! His peace will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. His peace will help us to know in our hearts, that He will answer our prayer and His peace will help us rest on His promises until He answers us.

Prayers we pray asking him to meet our needs are called Prayers of Petition. He said to not be anxious, worry and let fear take over, but to come to Him, as He told us to and receive His peace, that will keep us, as we stand in faith until we receive the answer to that prayer. I will add another verse, dear ones to help fight against anxiety or worry (all fear). Read it and memorize this important verse!

2 Timothy 1:7New King James Version (NKJV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to never be anxious or worry and let fear enter my mind and get down in my heart. Help me to rather remember to take it all to you in prayer and to always give you thanks and praise. I receive your peace and thank you, that you have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind, amen and amen!!!

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 41:10 and verses 13-14 – Psalm 56:3- John 14:27- Psalm 94:19  and all of Psalm 91

Prayer is the Key to Heaven- Faith Unlocks Doors

Today, as I was thinking about, what to share on prayer, I remembered a saying, that I’ve heard over the years, that is so true. “Prayer is the key to Heaven but, Faith unlocks the door”!  We can pray, as mom used to say, “till the cows come home” (a long time), but, if we do not pray in faith believing we will never receive anything, from God! Read, what it says, in His Word in Mark 11:23 KJV. Notice.that it says, that we must not doubt not in our heart, but. we rather must believe, that He will bring it to pass!!! Prayer, is one of the keys to Heaven, dear ones, but it’s FAITH, that unlocks doors!!!

Mark 11:23King James Version (KJV)

23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Let’s break down this one important verse in His Word to see, how prayer is the key but, that it’s  faith that unlocks the door.

1. He says, to SAY to the mountain! He didn’t say plead or beg with the mountain, but to SPEAK TO IT!!! Jesus, when He wanted things done SPOKE TO IT. He created this World with the power of His Words! He spoke “Let there be light and light was”, amen? amen!!! There is power in your words and when you speak words of faith (Words He says in His Word) those mountains will move and those doors will open wide or close, if we need doors to close!

2. He said,we SHALL NOT not shouldn’t but SHALL NOT doubt in our heart. When we doubt in our hearts or just hope so instead of knowing so, because He said so in His Word we will receive nothing! Even, if we speak, what His Word says, but, don’t really believe it, but just hope it works our prayers will not open those doors! Faith-Believing His Words that we speak is, what brings those mountains down and opens those doors in front of us

3. Believe!! It’s that simple dear ones! We must pray and speak to those mountains, but we must not do so with any doubt in our heart. We must know, what the Word of God says, about our situation and then speak His Word aloud to it and know, that you know, He will back up His Word, for He does not lie and His Word is true! Need healing, for example, then look up all the promises of healing in His Word and speak them, by faith without doubting to, whatever your facing in Jesus Name!!!

Then, He promises us, that those things which we speak, will come to pass and we will have whatsoever we have spoken!  Remember, dear ones, it takes more than prayer! We must use the key of faith to unlock those doors, bring down the mountains we face!  Let’s summarize, what we need to do to open those doors and see mountains fall & receive answers to our prayers. It’s not a secret formula, but it’s His Word and His Word always works, when we speak it out, by faith!

  1. First pray, but pray according to His Word! In other words find the Scripture to base your prayers depending on, what it is your facing. such as healing, financial need, salvation of a loved one. Then SPEAK ALOUD the those verses, from His Word to the mountain your facing.
  2. Pray and speak His Word with NO DOUBT IN YOUR HEART. but pray in faith, knowing He can and He will answer.
  3. Pray Believing He will expecting Him to answer! Do not pray just HOPING that He will hear and answer you. Know, that you know, that He does hear and will answer, as you do these things in Jesus Name!

I will close today’s thought on prayer, by saying use the keys He gives you, dear ones and begin to unlock the doors in front of you and see those mountains of sickness, lack or whatever it is your facing fall down in Jesus Name! Pray His Word OUT LOUD! SPEAK THE WORD OF GOD to your situation! Don’t doubt at all in your heart! Know, that you know, that you know His Word is true and will, when you speak it out in faith believing will be answered!

He will give you, what you ask, as long as it agrees with His Word!  Healing is yours in His Word just, as Salvation and having ALL your needs met! Phillipians 4:19. What mountain are you facing today? What door do you need to see opened? Find the answer, for that situation in the promises of God’s Word and Speak them without doubt and then thank Him, by faith before you see the answer! Faith goes my His Word and not by the things we hear, see or feel. Ask, Speak, Believe, thank Him and expect to receive today!!!

Love you all and remember, He does, too, dear ones. Praying, for you always and until next time Shalom

Prayer, for today:

Lord,  help us to use the keys you’ve given us to open the doors and mountains in front of us today! Help us to pray, according to your Word and speak your Word to the mountains and believe in our hearts and doubt not! Let us speak your promises believe and doubt not that, you can and will do it and not just hope so.Then, Lord we know, that we know, that as we pray and do these things in Jesus Name we will receive whatever we have spoken according to your Word! We give you all the Glory, Honor and Praise forever, amen and amen!!!

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:22-24

Prayer-A Two Way Street

Hi again dear ones! I pray, that you find this journey of mine, as His Intercessory Prayer Warrior, both encouraging and helpful to your own prayer life. I thought today, I’d add another aspect to my prayer journey. I titled this post “Prayer-A Two Way Street” and you may ask, what I mean by that statement.  Well, ask yourself, if you talk to someone do you want to hear back, from them?

Prayer, first of all is just talking to God! We will get into the different kinds of prayer a little later, but I wanted to say today, that praying is more than just talking to God, but it involves being still and quiet, before Him and listening, for Him to speak to us. He doesn’t speak to us in an audible voice, although, some have heard Him do so. He speaks to us in a “still small voice” or in our Spirit man.

We are a Spirit being, we have a soul (our mind, will and emotions make up our soul) and we live in a body.  He wants us to spend time with Him in prayer, but He wants to, also, speak to us and we need to take time for Him to speak. That’s a two way street! Praying, and waiting, for Him to speak! Many times we just come to Him in prayer in such a rush! We need to “Be still and know that He is God!!!

I will end this, blog post, by asking a question. Do you take time to just wait before the Lord quietly without speaking? Maybe you should do so the next time you come before Him in prayer. We need to always start and end our prayers with thanksgiving! Start each prayer, by just taking time to praise Him, for all He’s done! Then close out your prayer, by thanking Him, by faith, for what He will do!

Have a Blessed Day/Evening

Remember dear ones! He’s waiting, to speak to you today! Listen, for His still small voice!

Prayer Warriors In The Days of Spiritual Warfare

To be an Intercessory prayer warrior we must realize that we wrestle not, as the Word says, with flesh and blood. We are fighting satan and all his demons. It is him we fight and not people. We are not in a war against people and things of this earth, but we are involved in Spiritual Warfare.

The scripture I started this post with is found in 2 Corinthians 2:4. It tells us that we don’t fight the battles in this warfare in our own strength and power. We are to remember to use the Spiritual Weapons He gives us found in His Word. The offensive weapon He gives us to use against the enemy is the Word of God! He used it every time he faced satan. He said to him “It is written” and told him, what the word said about it.

Prayer is another powerful weapon and we must use it against the enemy! The Word says, we are to not just pray, when we need something, or in trouble, but, to “pray without ceasing”. That doesn’t mean we must be on our knees around the clock everyday but, we must be in the attitude of prayer all the time.

Intercessory Prayer Warriors will find themselves praying and warring against the enemy all the time. Sometimes, I find myself waking up praying in the Holy Spirit. He alone knows at that time, the reason, for my praying. Sometimes I find out, why I prayed, but not always. We must never fail to pray, when He says pray and not say, I’ll pray later or just say a quick prayer and go about our day.

There is a saying on a plaque my Mother had on her wall, when I was a child that read “More things are wrought, by prayer than this world dreams of”. Prayer can change things, if we pray according to His Word, by faith and are walking in obedience to Him.

So, for today, I want to add. that prayer is one of our powerful spiritual weapons that will not just make the enemy flee, but totally destroy him. Remember, to use this weapon of prayer against the enemy himself and let the Holy Spirit lead you, as to when and how to pray.

Our weapons, one of which is our prayer language, is a powerful one that will not only bring down our strong hold, but destroy it. Just remember, when you pray against the enemy that our enemies are not man, but satan. He is the one we must use our weapon of prayer on and destroy his efforts against us and others.

Spiritual warfare is not easy in ourselves, but we have His armor and His weapons and most of all we Have Him on our side and thus we will win every battle! “The battle is not ours, but the Lords”! We must fight on until He comes, until the final battle ends and the war is over! He will come and we will go home victorious!

Thanks for reading and be sure to add your thoughts and remember to post anything you want me to pray about. Remember He will answer us and show us, even great and mighty things, which we know not! Nothing is to hard or impossible for Him. Shalom


My Intercessory Prayer Warrior’s Journey!

Greetings everyone,

Welcome to this blog, I have started today. I have felt to begin one, for awhile now on about this subject that is close to my heart. It is who I am and what I do. I guess you saw the title of my blog and know a little of what I will be blogging about her

I will write about prayer and will actually write it down, as I am here praying those words. They will not come from my mind, but from my Spirit, as I pray to Him about many things. I will, also, listen to Him, as we all should do and not just say a prayer.

Taking time to listen to, what He has to say, is part of prayer. Prayer is not just a one way conversation, between us and God, but His conversation with us. He does not speak in a loud audible voice, although, that has spoken audible to many people.

He speaks in a still small voice many confuse, as our conscious. He speaks to our Spirit, when we ask Him to speak to us and take time to be still and listen.

We will know that we know He is saying or telling us something about what we just prayed about. Many times we don’t even need to say a word just pause to think about Him and He knows and hears the heart’s cry, friends.

He will answer us sometimes without us even asking Him about or for anything. He knows, what we need, even before we call, but tells us in His Word to call on Him in prayer and to wait on Him. “Be still and know that I am God” His Word tells us.

I was in the full time ministry years ago but, He recently told me that He is calling me to be a full time Intercessory Prayer Warrior in these end times. He said we are in intense times of Spiritual Warfare.

He has spoken to me through others, after telling them how I wake up praying at almost the same time hours apart during the night and wake up hearing myself praying.  A dear Christian friend and prayer warrior said this is what His Word calls “A watchman on the wall”.

It is not an easy calling, but is one that is without ceasing. It is like you’re on call, to pray, when needed. I want to always obey His call to prayer and He will give me supernatural strength and rest, for my body, as He has already been doing.

I am in my senior years and have been living for Him for over six decades and I give Him thanks. for a Godly Mother, who, took me to His house and gave me back to Him, when I was but a few days old. I thank God for my church heritage, where I continued and still continue to learn and walk in the ways of the Lord!

I am asking Him, by His Holy Spirit, to guide me and write this blog through me. I will give Him all the Glory, Honor and Praise, forever.

This blog will not be for or about me but, for and about Him. God bless you and speak to and minister to you, as you read and/or follow this blog.

Shalom, for now friends.

In His Love & Service,


Prayer Warrior E. M. Lair

PS: Shalom is Hebrew I use for greeting and closing meaning His Peace, wholeness. Nothing missing, nothing broken, having all good things, from the Father). Check back often to see, what He has me to share with you and pray for me, as I begin this blog.

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